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Welcome to this News and Views update from the West Chesterton Lib Dem team. We hope you’ll find it useful in deciding how to respond to the Milton Road public consultation - we're here to help, so do get in touch at any time.
Come and see us - we're holding more Drop-In information/discussion sessions at Stir Cambridge:
Weds 3rd Feb 4-5.30pm
Tues 9th Feb 3-4.30pm

Protecting and improving the local environment

Our transport campaigner Nichola Harrison’s proposal for a City Deal Environmental Design Guide has been accepted by the City Deal Board. This is a firm step towards guaranteeing that Milton Road remains a green, tree-lined and community-friendly street, and gets the improvements it needs – and we’ll make sure that’s what it delivers.
If you like the idea of an Environmental Design Guide, you might want to say so in your consultation response.

Championing your right to know

Nichola has persuaded the City Deal to agree to show a presentation about designing high quality streets at the North Area Committee meeting on 4th February. We want the public to have access to the creative ideas and examples it describes – it’s not fair that the City Deal Board and Assembly are the only people to have seen it. Hope to see you there.

Our question to the City Deal - can you PROVE your case?

At last, the City Deal Board has confirmed it will use ‘demand management’ to reduce the number of cars on city roads. The Board has been shamefully slow on this issue – we need a joined-up strategy for transport in Greater Cambridge and tackling congestion has to be part of that.
So this is our question to the Board: “If congestion is reduced, can you PROVE that a vast engineering scheme on Milton Road will be needed?”.
The fact is they can’t prove anything - because they haven’t tried. Big decisions should be based on good evidence, so until then our message to them is KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OUR STREETS!
If you want the City Deal to tackle congestion first and act on proper evidence, you might want to say so in your consultation response.

Options for tackling congestion

Various ideas are circulating, and we think the solution must be EFFECTIVE, FAIR AND SUSTAINABLE. Nichola Harrison made a submission to the City Deal Assembly’s Call for Evidence process comparing Congestion Charging with the other options, which you can read here.
We’re interested to know whether you think Congestion Charging should be properly investigated as a potential solution for Cambridge.

Useful Info

NORTH AREA COMMITTEE  -   The City Council will be holding a North Area Committee meeting to examine the Milton Road and Histon Road proposals at 6pm on Thursday 4th February at Farnsworth Hall, Chesterton Community College. See you there!
HOW TO RESPOND TO THE PUBLIC CONSULTATION   -   The consultation runs until 15th February. You can submit more than one response if you think of new things you want to say, and you can email the City Deal ([email protected]) and/or fill in the rather limited questionnaire (if you don’t have a paper copy, this can be found by clicking on Have Your Say at  
If you'd like to send us a copy of your consultation response, we'd love to see it.

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