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Fury at new Post Office closure plan

November 20, 2003 12:00 AM

Liberal Democrat councillor and prospective MP for Cambridge David Howarth has reacted with fury at a renewed threat to close Victoria Road Post Office - together with two other nearby post offices.

Despite calling off a previous attempt to close Victoria Road Post Office only two months ago, the Post Office has come back with a new plan to close it, together with Chesterton Road and Cameron Road (King's Hedges) Post Offices.

"This is outrageous", said David Howarth, who is a councillor for the Castle area, which includes Victoria Road, "The Post Office originally said that people could go to Chesterton Road if they closed Victoria Road. Now they are saying they will close Chesterton Road as well. I am appalled."

David Howarth also criticised Cambridge MP Anne Campbell for her part in the closures. "Anne Campbell was an assistant to the minister responsible for the Post Office when they started their closure plans," he said, "It is hypocritical for her now to pose as a campaigner against closures."

Completely mad

West Chesterton Liberal Democrat Councillors also reacted angrily to the news that it is proposed to close the well-supported Chesterton Road Post Office on Mitcham's Corner, along with two other nearby Post Offices.

"The Post Office has obviously gone completely mad," says West Chesterton Liberal Democrat Councillor Ian Nimmo-Smith.

"The Chesterton Road Post Office is very well supported, situated in the heart of a thriving residential and commercial area. It meets the needs of a wide cross-section of the local population and businesses.

"The Post Office's insane closure proposals also include the demise of the Victoria Road Post Office which is very important to residents in Garden Walk and Victoria Road. I wonder where the Post Office think people from much of West Chesterton will go now for post office services. The nearest ones left from Mitcham's Corner are unacceptably far, especially for elderly and vulnerable users.

"We will fight this every inch of the way."

A public meeting, chaired by Anne Campbell MP concerning the proposed closures will be held at Milton Road Junior School, Milton Road, Cambridge, on Wednesday 26th November, at 6.45pm. The meeting is organised by Postwatch, a consumer body not connected with the Liberal Democrats.