Lib Dems welcome reprieve of Victoria Road Post Office - but warn of future threats

September 25, 2003 12:00 AM

The city's majority group on the council has welcomed the Post Office's decision to withdraw plans to close the Victoria Road Post Office. "It is satisfying to note that our campaign to keep the PO open has had some success", says Cllr Ian Nimmo Smith, Leader of the council.

But Lib Dems warn that the future may not be totally secure for the city's Post Offices,

"The PO says it is looking again at post office provision but this time across the whole parliamentary boundary of Cambridge. This means that the decision is a stay of execution, not necessarily a reprieve", warns Cllr Nimmo Smith.

He acknowledges, however, that it is a relief that the Post Office is no longer proposing to pick off individual post offices one by one. "We wish they had taken this approach before the recent closures in Castle Street, Perne Road, and Wulstan Way where the damage has already been done", he says.

Cllr Nimmo Smith goes to add,

"As and when Post Office Ltd come forward with proposals for Cambridge as a whole we will look at them, and fight them every inch of the way where we believe local communities will be disadvantaged"

Source of the PO decision: letter dated 23 September 2003 to the Chief Executive, Cambridge City Council, from Julia Marwood, National Consultation Manager, Post Office Ltd.

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