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Iraq Crisis - Cambridge 'City for Peace'

February 12, 2003 12:00 AM

Cambridge is now the first city council in England to pass an anti-war motion over Iraq. In a free vote, the motion proposed by Cllr John Hipkin was carried by a large majority of councillors from the Lib Dem and Labour parties. "For the vast majority of Cambridge people", said Cllr Hipkin, "war without Security Council approval is illegal, immoral and will plunge the world into instability and turmoil."

In seconding the motion, Cllr Amanda Taylor said that: "I am proud to be a citizen of Cambridge, a city that cares beyond its own boundaries. It is no surprise that in a city like this, with such a rich cultural mix, people are disgusted at the prospect of wholescale damage to another country"

Hand in Hand for Peace

"As a council we are powerless to stop a war, we are not MPs or ministers. But we can speak up for the vast majority of people in this city who are against this coming conflict. Passing this motion means that we will not stand shoulder to shoulder with warmongers but hand in hand for peace."

Passing this motion allies Cambridge with Glasgow City Council and over 80 cities in the USA (including Cambridge Mass) who have declared themselves "Cities for Peace".


The text of the motion passed

The Council notes that the White Paper 'Strong Local Leadership, Quality Public Services' calls on councils to 'stand up and speak out for all local people' and that the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister has said that one of the roles of local authorities is to 'allow local communities to articulate their aspirations, needs and priorities'.

The Council further notes the widespread concern among citizens of Cambridge about the Government's policy towards Iraq.

The Council records the local community's profound disquiet about the Government's failure to rule out military action against Iraq without the approbation of the United Nations and regardless of international law.

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