Local stores - still top of the shops

July 3, 2003 12:00 AM

The City Council has just published the results of its first ever local shops survey. And the message given by the 3000 + respondents is, "We still love our local shops".

But there are many improvements people want to see  in lighting, litter collection, parking and safety, and their council is prepared to do something about it!


Nearly 90 per cent of the respondents use local shops and they are just as popular with young people.. One in five of us uses a local shop EVERY day. It's the little things that count, and most people spend under £10 a visit - for those essentials that only the corner shop can provide. They are good on the Green front too: most people it seems, WALK to their corner shops.

The most popular local shop was the Post Office. "It is a great pity that the Labour Government is determined to close them down", says Cllr Amanda Taylor, Exec Councillor for Property. Both she and her Lib Dem colleagues have seen their campaign to keep the Wulfstan Way PO spurned by the Royal Mail.


So what will the council do next? Cllr Taylor gives the following commitments:

According to Cllr Taylor

"Many people are more familiar with the Corner Shop on Coronation Street than their own local shops. But as the high response to the survey shows, they are still a vital community resource for many people - particularly those who can't get about so easily, such as the elderly and disabled.

Those who do use them appreciate the customer care and the all-important personal touch. I have always been a supporter of local shops and the Lib Dems will be doing their best to make sure the Council does what it can to support them.

Our local shops are far from dead - they are alive and well but need more of us to appreciate the very special service they offer in terms of choice and the all-important personal touch. I have long been an advocate and supporter of our local shops...we need to start a mini revolution: WE LOVE OUR LOCAL SHOPS!"

What would you like to do next?