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Julian Huppert MP

Swimming Contractor Chosen

July 3, 2003 12:00 AM

The Liberal Democrat group on Cambridge City Council is pleased to announce that Strategic Leisure Management have been chosen as the preferred contractor for the new swimming contract.

Cllr. Joye Rosenstiel the Executive councillor said that the process had been a very open one involving City Council members, staff and other interested parties. The staff group which had visited some of the facilities which SLM already run had come back with very positive reports and this combined with SLM's proposed contract coming within the City Councils swimming budget had been the major factors for SLM being awarded the preferred bidder status.

"The City Council look forward to working with SLM in finalising the new contract which will run for the next seven years and will include Abbey pool, Kings Hedges Learner pool. Parkside pools, the Cherry Hinton Village Centre and the paddling pools. It is hoped to have the new contract in place by the end of the summer.. One positive aspect will be to bring all of the facilities under one management structure and other added benefits will include improvements to the Abbey pool gym and facilities at Parkside pool."