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Crucial Years Ahead as new City Council holds first meeting

June 24, 2004 12:00 AM

As the Lib Dems get stuck into their new term of office, today sees the first full city council meeting.

Highlights of today's agenda:


During this year the city's tenants will be asked to decide how they want their houses managed in future - whether they want the Council to continue to manage them, either 'in house' or at arms length or whether they would prefer to be managed by a new housing association.

Cllr Catherine Smart, Executive Councillor for Housing and Health, said,

"The tenants have told us clearly what they want for their homes and estates in the Cambridge Standard. In the Autumn they will decide which management structure they prefer. The finances vary and we are getting that information together so they can be fully informed when they make that choice. It is an important choice but it should be made by the people most concerned - the tenants whose homes they are."


The new Exec Councillor for Planning and Transport, Cllr Jenny Bailey will present the blueprint for the sustainable growth of the city over the next 12 years. Proposals which will go to public consultation in the autumn include a major boost to the stock of Affordable Housing in the city.


Iain Coleman, the new Exec Councillor for the Environment will announce ambitious plans to raise the bar on recycling targets. "In the next few months we will launch a major consultation process with residents to make sure we have the best scheme to achieve our target of 36 per cent recycling rate - with aspirations to go even higher!"


Cllr Coleman will also announce a new strategy to reduce air pollution from vehicles in Cambridge city centre.

"We are heartened by the support given to us by Cambridge voters but this is no time for complacency", warns Ian Nimmo Smith, leader of the council. "There is a very busy agenda ahead and the next couple of years could be crucial for the city", he adds.

The full council will meet at the Guildhall starting at 11 am.