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Crime caught on camera: Mobile CCTV goes live

March 31, 2004 12:00 AM

CCTV signA new weapon in the city's armoury against crime and anti-social behaviour goes live today. Two mobile CCTV cameras will keep a close eye on Cambridge trouble spots such as Mill Road. Unlike fixed cameras, these mobile units can be deployed wherever and whenever trouble, or the threat of trouble, emerges. The new cameras are to be switched on after several months of complex trials during which the new technology of these cameras was tested.

"I am delighted that all is now ready to switch on these mobile CCTV cameras", says Lib Dem councillor Cllr Sian Reid, who holds the portfolio for Commercial and Human Resources. "We know from experience that fixed cameras can simply displace crime to new areas - such as from the city centre to Mill Road. The Lib Dems don't want solutions which merely shunt problems from one street to another", says Cllr Reid.


How will they work? The mobile cameras can be deployed wherever there is a need. Images of wrongdoers and troublemakers caught on camera are monitored 24/7 by a dedicated team based in the Guildhall. Incidents are then reported to the police. "With the new Anti-Social Behaviour Orders, Dispersal Orders and the funding of a police constable to patrol the Mill Road area, Mobile CCTV is another weapon in the fight against crime and social disorder", says Cllr Reid.

"CCTV is at its most effective in the first periods of deployment. With mobile cameras, we hope to achieve a high impact across city hotspots", says Cllr Reid. "Mobile CCTV is a cost effective addition to our fight against crime and anti-social behaviour on our streets. We will keep a very close eye on how effective these systems are in terms of police response, detection and prosecution. The acid test of these mobile CCTV cameras is: will they reduce crime, and the fear of crime?", adds Cllr Reid.

Where will they go?

Does your street need a mobile CCTV camera? "We invite applications from across the city. The city council has identified over 40 sites so far. Now we hope Cambridge citizens will apply for their use in their area.

Applications for a siting for the mobile CCTV can be made to Martin Beaumont 01223-457000 [email protected]


Two extra mobile CCTV cameras have been approved by the city council. This will bring the total up to four. More details to follow.