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Julian Huppert MP

New Executive Councillor

February 2, 2004 12:00 AM

Amanda Taylor, Executive Councillor for Commercial and Human Resources (CHR) is to stand down after almost two years in this senior city position. Cllr Taylor's resignation comes five months after the birth of her son Daniel. Her place will be taken by fellow Liberal Democrat, Sian Reid, a city councillor for Newnham.

Cllr Taylor, who represents Queen Edith's ward, spearheaded revitalising council-owned shops. Her brief also extended to supporting and encouraging the city's markets, efficient administration of Council Tax and benefits, and CCTV.

"Amanda is a tough act to follow", admits Cllr Reid, "I am determined to continue the good work she has done to encourage local communities and improve the environment for local traders and customers".

Says Cllr Taylor:

"I would like to welcome Sian to the role and thank her for her willingness to take over from me, as well as to thank the CHR team for their support over the time I have held the portfolio".

She goes on to add:

"I enjoyed my role as Executive Councillor but there are also a lot of things to do in my own ward of Queen Edith's. One of the advantages of being a mum is that I am able to spend more time in my local community. I hope my constituents will see more of me in Queen Edith's, with or without the pram!"

Cllr Reid is currently Chair of the city's Community Development and Leisure Committee. As a graduate of the London Business School and former MD of a telecoms company, Cllr Reid brings strong business expertise to CHR. A resident of Newnham, she has been a city councillor for two years.

Cllr Reid will take over as Executive Councillor for CHR on 1st Feb 2004