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Plastic recycling comes to the kerbside

December 1, 2004 12:01 AM

In response to massive public demand, the Lib Dem City Council has announced that it will introduce kerbside collection of plastics for recycling.

"This is wonderful news for the people of Cambridge, who in overwhelming numbers told us that they wanted regular kerbside collection of plastic bottles and other products. Now we are able to offer this to every household in the city", said Councillor Iain Coleman, who holds the city portfolio for Environmental Services.

David White recycling plastic bottles

Former Mayor David White prepares for kerbside plastic recycling

"Plastics recycling used to be a pipe dream, but the plastic recycling banks that we brought in recently have proved so popular that we are now able to extend the service to your own home. It is Lib Dem policy to keep improving the city's recycling schemes to make ours a truly outstanding green city.

The recycling of old plastic bottles and products should make it even easier to slim your black bin. This is already happening - black bins are getting emptier as our green ones fill up".

Councillor Coleman paid tribute to the "immense hard work" of council staff in making this new service possible. "Regular collections of plastics is a huge undertaking. I am proud that Cambridge continues to be a leader in the recycling of waste".

In a recent questionnaire on recycling, 78% of respondents asked for kerbside collection of plastics - the highest demand for any new service. Councillor Coleman will bring forward a scheme introducing a plastics collection round to the city council in the 2005/6 budget.