Nightbus not to be axed

December 10, 2004 12:01 AM

The city's nightbus service will continue to be subsidised, following a full council meeting last Thursday. Liberal Democrat councillors rejected Labour claims that the service is underused and a drain on taxpayers.

Councillor Jenny Bailey, who speaks on transport in the city, explained that the service is increasing in popularity: "I wanted to see for myself, so with Lib Dem colleagues, we rode the Nightbus over several nights. What did we find? Scores of people use these buses! We have done our research and found that demand for the service is growing.

"The £40,000 of annual subsidy given to the service by the City Council is well spent. The numbers we counted fly in the face of Labour claims that we are subsidising the service to the tune of £10 per head. This is nonsense. It might be as low as £1.40 per head. The service is only a few months old and deserves to be given every chance of succeeding".

Councillor Bailey and colleagues are less happy, however, with how the County Council, who are ultimately responsible for the nightbus, has provided information about the service to the city. "This is a great service for those who want to get home safely and cheaply," she explained, "but what's the point in it being the county's best kept secret?"

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