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City Council to retain housing

December 10, 2004 12:05 AM

Councillor Catherine Smart, Executive Councillor for Housing and Health, has proposed that the City retains and manages Cambridge's 8000 council homes, following October's poll in which tenants voted 4 to 1 in favour of staying with the Council.

"I made a personal commitment to the tenants that I would propose to the Council whatever they chose," explained Councillor Smart: "The tenants were very clear that they wanted to stay with the Council, in spite of the fact that they were told that there would be less money. Money will be tight, though we can bring the houses up to the Decent Homes standard in the Government's time-frame. We will also be able to finish the new window programme, but we will not be able to everything the tenants wanted us to do. In spite of that, the tenants want to stay with the council so I have asked the Council to give them their wish."

The last step of the process is that GO East (government office of the East of England) have to 'sign off' the Council's decision on behalf of Mr Prescott's office. "I would find it very strange if the Government ignored the tenants' clear desire to stay with the Council and refused to 'sign us off'!" added Councillor Smart.