Lib Dems lead the way on the environment

February 10, 2005 11:53 AM
Traffic congested on Newmarket Road

A Lib Dem government would reduce congestion and encourage the use of public transport

Both the Government and the Conservatives supported a Liberal Democrat debate on the environment on Tuesday. The motion, which condemned moves to weaken the Environment Agency and abolish the climate change levy, was passed without a vote.

In his speech Norman Baker, Lib Dem Shadow Environment Secretary, called on Parliament to recognise the threat posed by climate change, the need to protect the environment, and the necessity of moving towards a sustainable economy. The Liberal Democrats have consistently supported the Kyoto treaty, which comes into effect next week, and argued for more to be done to combat climate change.

David Howarth, while acknowledging The Green Party has done much to advance the environmental agenda, thought the Lib Dems were best placed to deliver practical green policies in government:

"We are far sounder on environmental issues than either the Conservatives or Labour. A Lib Dem government would make sure Britain achieves its Kyoto targets well ahead of time, and encourage other countries to do likewise. We will tackle congestion by encouraging and investing in public transport. We also want to see far more of Britain's power coming from renewable sources."

Plastics in doorstep recycling box

The Lib Dem City Council is planning to introduce doorstep plastic recycling

Since the Lib Dems took control of Cambridge City Council - under Howarth's leadership - doorstep recycling has increased, plastic recycling has been introduced, and Cambridge has now been shortlisted for the Cleanest City award. Over one in four people in Cambridge cycle to work - more than in any other constituency - with a further 14% walking, making it one of the greenest cities in the country.

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