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Cricket on the Piece - Council Reprieve Confirmed

March 9, 2005 10:35 PM

The city council, impressed by the strength of local feeling expressed through the Cambridge Evening News and local radio, has confirmed the cricket will be staying on Parker's Piece.

Cllr Joye Rosenstiel, who holds the city's portfolio for Community Development and Leisure, has given the go ahead for the fencing around the wicket to be restored. This will happen today, the 9th March, and the specialist maintenance of the pitch will be continuing through the coming season.

"I am delighted to announce that cricket will continue on Parker's Piece", she says and adds, "we were very impressed by the arguments people had about the traditions of cricket on the Piece. The incredible strength of feeling expressed through the pages of CEN has persuaded us to find the extra money to let cricket continue.

"Let's see the game flourish on the Piece. It would be marvellous now to see a full programme of fixtures and I call on local clubs to use the wicket and ensure that the game can continue in its historic home".

Cllr Rosenstiel also hopes that the Piece could actually improve its facilities.

"The City Council is meeting potential sponsors and will be working with cricket clubs on the options ahead including possible improvements which will enable a wider range of teams to play on Parkers Piece"