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Last Post at Mitcham's Corner?

March 20, 2005 9:07 PM

Residents of West Chesterton in Cambridge demonstrated outside the Chesterton Road branch post office as it was forced to close finally on Saturday 19 March 2005.

Signatures were collected on a petition which states:

"We DEMAND: that the Post Office reconsider their destructive decision to close the Chesterton Road sub post office; cancel their TWO YEAR WAIT before considering alternative proposals for a post office to open again on Mitcham's Corner; and support, rather than sabotage and bribe post office branches that face difficulties. GIVE US BACK OUR POST OFFICE!"

Local Liberal Democrat city councillor IAN NIMMO-SMITH says:

"Huge numbers of people, particularly the elderly and the disabled are disadvantaged by this closure."

"For many of these the suggested alternatives on Chesterton High Street, on Histon Road, or on St Andrew's Street in the city centre might as well be on another planet they are so far away and inaccessible."

He added:

"The Post Office and the Government are to blame for allowing this business to collapse. There is a huge need for a post office to continue at Mitcham's Corner. The Post Office must cancel their rule that says they must wait TWO YEARS before looking to see if the post office should re-open."