It's David Howarth MP - Thank You Cambridge!

May 6, 2005 12:35 PM

David Howarth won Cambridge for the Liberal Democrats with a majority of in excess of 4,000. The result, announced at 5am, overturned Labour's majority of over 8,000 in an astonishing 15% swing from Labour to the Lib Dems.

The Conservatives came third with a much reduced share of the vote.

In his acceptance speech, David said: "This has been an extraordinary campaign, an extraordinary day, and an extraordinary result. Cambridge has rejected Tony Blair's war, his tuition fees, his council tax, and his 'third way'."

He went on to compliment the outgoing MP Anne Campbell, saying that she had worked very hard for her constituents and done a great deal to help them. He would, he said, continue this work as the member of parliament for Cambridge.

The full results in Cambridge were:

David Howarth Liberal Democrat 19,152 44% (+18.9% from 2001)

Anne Campbell Labour 14,813 34% (-11.1%)

Ian Lyon Conservative 7,193 16.5% (-6.4%)

Others 2,411 5.5%

TURNOUT 43,847 62% (+1%)

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