Lib Dems Gain in County Council Elections

May 8, 2005 8:44 PM

Liberal Democrats made gains and increased their support across Cambridgehire in Thursday's County Council elections. Lib Dem candidates won 23 seats across the County, a gain of six. Within Cambridge city, Lib Dems won ten of the fourteen wards being contested, an increase of three over the last (2001) county elections.

The Lib Dems are now established as the only serious opposition to the Conservatives on the County Council. The Tories have 42 councillors. Labour has just 4.

Thursday's historic parliamentary election in Cambridge City was repeated at the local level, with Petersfield, Arbury, and Romsey wards all gaining their first ever Lib Dem county councillors. The results reinforce the Lib Dems' steady growth in the city, which is now marked by successive city, county, and parliamentary election victories. This strong local base will help new Liberal Democrat MP, David Howarth, to be a more representative and effective voice for the people of Cambridge.

Full County Council election results are available at the Council's website:

For a full history of County Council elections in the Cambridge city wards, including the detailed 2005 results, see Colin Rosenstiel's election site at

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