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Julian Huppert MP

Cambridge faces £40million NHS Cut

November 1, 2005 3:46 PM

Local health services in Cambridgeshire face massive cuts due to new NHS funding rules which favour Labour's Foundation Hospitals at the expense of all other services. The NHS in southern Cambridgeshire is £40million short of what it needs to maintain services at their current level, resulting in many patient services being cut to meet the funding gap.

This crisis has been caused by Labour's NHS reforms that allow foundation hospitals like Addenbrooke's to treat as many people as they want, simply giving the bill to the local NHS to pick up. The government has also imposed a national rate for hospital treatment, causing NHS bills in Cambridge to rise substantially.

Mental health services are particularly badly hit with Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Mental Health Trust being forced to chop £4million from its 2005/6 budget. This will result in the closure of 2 wards at Fulbourn Hospital. The patients will be entitled to receive 'care in the community' but there is no extra money to meet the extra demand for these services. However, contrary to the Cambridge Evening News's suggestions, no-one who is in any way dangerous will be released as part of the ward closures.