New Bin Collections to Boost Recycling

November 1, 2005 4:43 PM

Bin collections have changed for all house-holders in Cambridge. Every house now has a blue box for recycling plastic bottles and non-recyclable waste will now be collected every fortnight instead of every week. These changes are necessary to improve the recycling of domestic waste within the city and reduce the amount going into landfill.

Residents will have their black box (paper, glass, cans) and black bins (non-recyclables) collected one week, with green bins (organic waste) and blue bins (plastic bottles) the next.

"The most helpful thing for people to remember," said Cllr Iain Coleman, "is that you can put kitchen waste, including meat, into whichever bin is going to be collected next - either your black or green bin."

Large families will be allowed an extra black bin, and householders having trouble with the fortnightly black bin collections will be given help on how to reduce the amount of non-recyclable waste they throw away.

Anyone having trouble with the new arrangements should ring the City Council on 458282.

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