Government's £9 million drain on Cambridge housing budget

December 12, 2005 5:29 PM

Executive Councillor for Housing, Cllr Catherine Smart, criticised the Government for redistributing £1 in 3 of Council tenant's rent away from Cambridge.

Cllr Smart's criticism came during an amendment to a City Council motion about the modernisation strategy for sheltered housing.

Commenting, Cllr Smart said:

"The Government took almost £9 million from Council tenant's rent this year in the form of a negative subsidy. This prevents us from doing everything that we would like to do in repairs to the housing owned by the Council, improvements to the estates and refurbishment of the sheltered schemes.

"It is appalling that the Government is taking such enormous amounts of money from the rent of Cambridge Council tenants. We need to undertake major rebuilding in Simon's House and Seymour Court but this drain on the housing budget means that we just can't do it ourselves."

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