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County Council condemned for ignoring residents' demands

January 3, 2006 10:50 AM

City Councillor for Queen Edith's, Cllr Alan Baker, has today condemned County Council officers' refusal to implement in Rathmore Road and Hartington Grove the residents parking scheme they have been demanding and agreed by the traffic management committee.

Public consultation of residents found that 88% of households in Rathmore Road and 81% of those in Hartington Grove supported proposals for a residents parking scheme in their area. As a result of such strong local support the Cambridge Environment and Transport Area Joint Committee (AJC), which advises the County Council, recommended proposals for on-street parking controls to cover Rathmore Road and the area immediately adjacent to it.

In spite of the results of the public consultation and the decision of the AJC, County Traffic Officers argued that the scheme was contrary to County Council parking policy. Following attempts by Cllr Baker and the Chair of the AJC, Cllr Julian Huppert, to persuade County Officers to stand by the AJC's decision, the matter has been referred to the County Councillor for Transport, Cllr John Reynolds, for his final decision.

Commenting, Cllr Baker said:

"The County Council has known for a long time about the strong support of residents of these roads for a parking scheme. With the decision of the AJC in October to go ahead with the scheme, we should have been well on the way to getting the parking residents demand.

"The refusal of the County Council's officers to implement a scheme, ignoring both the wishes of residents and the Council's own advisory committee, simply amazing - and very undemocratic. I trust that Councillor Reynolds will act with more common sense when he makes his final decision."