Cricket decision fails young fans

February 1, 2006 9:00 AM

David Howarth has today criticised the England and Wales Cricket Board for failing to retain Test cricket for free-to-air television.

Cricket fan David commented:

"The ECB should have upheld its promise to keep a substantial proportion of Test matches free for all viewers. The way the nation came together over the Ashes last summer was fantastic and I'm afraid that the loss of the Test match on terrestrial TV may mark the end of such interest in the game.

"I always enjoyed playing cricket as a youngster and it was a great encouragement to be able to follow our sporting heroes on the television. It'd be a real shame if future generations of young cricket fans were denied this opportunity.

"Ever since the Government took Test cricket off the A-list of live sporting events, there has been a risk of losing cricket from terrestrial screens. The Government must make sure that they don't reply on informal agreements like the one with the ECB in future."

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