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Julian Huppert MP

Pee-pods here to stay in City Centre

February 25, 2006 12:00 AM

Liberal Democrat Executive City Councillor for Environmental Services, Iain Coleman, has today announced that the highly successful mobile urinals of "pee-pods" will be regular feature in Cambridge City Centre.

The "pee-pods" will be deployed on Friday and Saturday nights, in Market Square and other places such as taxi ranks where large groups gather late at night.

Cllr Iain Coleman commented on the move:

"Street urination is a serious nuisance for Cambridge residents. Mobile urinals have proved their effectiveness, and I'm pleased that we'll now be able to use them all year round. Pee-pods are not a total solution but they do help us tackle this unpleasant problem in a positive way."

The proposed Liberal Democrat budget also includes major investment in public toilets across Cambridge as part of a new 5-year plan. This will see a complete rebuild of the Chesterton Road facilities to a high standard, and refurbishment of public toilets at Cherry Hinton Hall and on recreation grounds.

Cllr Coleman commented:

"Here in Cambridge, we view public toilets as important public buildings in their own right, and we have received nationwide recognition for the high standards we have achieved.

"We insist on good design which helps to reduce the antisocial behaviour often associated with more old-fashioned conveniences, and high-quality provision with state-of-the-art facilities and disabled access. Now we will go on to improve public conveniences on recreation grounds and in neighbourhoods away from the city centre, as well as replacing the Chesterton Road eyesore with an attractive new building."