Councillor speaks up for sustainable communities

February 24, 2006 12:00 PM

Liberal Democrat Executive City Councillor for Housing, Cllr Catherine Smart, has today criticised a Labour motion to Council today for attempting to prevent the building of mixed communities on Council owned land.

The motion asks Council to use all housing development land in its ownership solely for affordable social housing. This motion will be referred to Community Services Scrutiny Committee for consideration as it involves money and seeks to change the approved housing strategy so has to be sent to Scrutiny and the Executive Councillor for Housing and Health for decision.

Cllr Smart commented:

"Our Housing Strategy already states that we want to maximise the amount of affordable housing that we can build in partnership with Registered Social Landlords. It is also important that we retain the ability, which this motion tries to deny, to use land to build roads in these developments as well as community centres, doctor's surgeries and other community facilities. It is important to have sustainable communities with the facilities which residents need and demand.

"It is also important to decide how to use each piece of land on its own merits so that each is used to the best benefit for Cambridge's residents. "

The Motion also refers to the land owned by the Council at Clay Farm which is to be part of a master development to include a full balance of market and affordable housing, schools and community facilities across the whole site to produce a balanced and sustainable community.

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