County Council bows to Lib Dem pressure on blue-sign review

February 24, 2006 5:59 PM

Cambridgeshire County Council has bowed to pressure from Liberal Democrats on the Area Joint Committee to initiate a review of Cambridge's blue signs.

The review follows continued pressure by Liberal Democrat members and a survey by County Councillor Alex Reid which found that only 1 in 20 drivers understood the blue sign system within the City.

Cllr Reid commented:

"The blue signs to Cambridge Central Areas add to the proliferation of street clutter, but do they really serve a useful purpose? They're supposed to help delivery drivers find their way but my survey found that this was just not working. It's high time that the system was reviewed and if the research backs this up, the blue signs should be scrapped."

Councillor Julian Huppert, Chair of the Area Joint Committee, added:

"There should always be compelling and proven informational and safety reasons to have signs on the highway and that is not the case here.

"We've been pressing for a review of the blue street signs for a long time and we've very pleased that the County have finally listened."

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