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Climate Change Bill in Parliament - Campaigners Thank David Howarth MP

March 14, 2006 12:00 PM

The Sustainable Energy Partnership, which represents all the major environmental and 'fuel poverty' NGOs today, thanked David Howarth MP for being in Parliament on Friday March 10th to support a vitally important Bill dealing with climate change and fuel poverty - The Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Bill.

Partnership Organiser Ron Bailey said: 'It is absolutely vital that this Bill succeeds. Emissions of CO2 continue to increase and rising energy prices will mean that even more people are suffering from cold homes and fuel poverty this winter. This Bill contains practical measures to deal with both problems.

'We appreciate that it is difficult for MPs to be in parliament on a Friday, so we are especially grateful to David Howarth MP for having been in the House to help this Bill succeed. This is exactly the example that MPs need to set - action not just fine words. We thank David Howarth MP for making this commitment to the environment and to ending fuel poverty. We hope he is also able to support the Bill again later this week.'