City Lib Dems back scheme to crack down on underage drinking

April 3, 2006 11:24 AM

Leader of Cambridge City Council, Ian Nimmo-Smith, is today calling for more responsible behaviour from off-licences.

The City Council is to seek support from the Police, Trading Standards Officers and the Licenced Trade to investigate a scheme that is being used effectively in Royston to combat underage alcohol sales.

The scheme requires off-licences to put distinctive stamps on bottles and cans of alcohol being sold so that it is easy to identify its source, to help identify outlets which are supplying drink to those who are underage or have been banned.

Councillor Nimmo-Smith commented:

"We're working very hard to tackle drink-related disorder and problem drinking in Cambridge and this means working with the police, other agencies and those in the drinks trade. However we also need to crack down further on those selling alcohol to underage customers and people who have been banned.

"This new scheme would allow us to recognise the irresponsible off-licenses who persist in supplying alcohol to children, and people who have been banned under ASBOs, and to take serious action against them, including fining them and revoking their licences."

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