Ashwell's plan threatens congestion

April 7, 2006 9:54 AM

Ashwell's CB1 proposals for the redevelopment of the Station Area in Cambridge will lead to major traffic congestion and make it unworkable as a key transport hub.

As Cambridge City Council's Planning Committee met to make a decision on Ashwell's Station Area Development proposal today, Executive Councillor for Planning and Transport, Jenny Bailey, criticised the proposal as likely to lead to "serious traffic congestion".

Coun Jenny Bailey commented:

"The Station Area is vital to transport planning in the City. This proposal will cause serious congestion that will affect the whole


"We need more provision than 12 bus stops and we need the facilities and shelters to match it. Ashwell's proposal doesn't provide anything like what we need to meet current and future requirements.

"Any development plans for the Station area should look at providing a good and reliable transport interchange first and then design housing and commercial units where appropriate and on a scale that does not generate congestion. Ashwell's have simply tried to squeeze in as much development as possible and ignored the consequences."

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