Addies must sort out 'smoking problem'

April 21, 2006 1:00 PM

Hospital smoking ban is displacing smoking litter.

Lib Dem City Councillor for Queen Edith's, Amanda Taylor, has today called for Addenbrooke's Hospital to deal with the problem of discarded cigarette butts and packets in the residential streets surrounding the hospital.

The problem arose following the smoking ban on the Addenbrooke's site last month. Hospital staff now smoke in the residential streets surrounding the hospital such as Red Cross Lane. The litter produced has upset local residents, who are demanding that Addenbrooke's identifies a smoking area away from housing.

Coun Amanda Taylor commented:

"Although I understand Addenbrooke's wish to make the hospital builds smoke free, we do need to do something about the mess it produces.

"The Hospital's solution so far has been to place small bins and huge containers of sand on the street but these have proved a hazard to children.

"I am working with those responsible in the hospital management at Addenbrooke's to address this problem and I hope that we will find a satisfactory solution to keep these streets clean for local residents"

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