Ban danger trucks from City's streets

April 30, 2006 12:00 PM

Lib Dem councillors are demanding that large lorries are made safer for cyclists or banned from the roads.

Liberal Democrat City Councillors, Colin Rosenstiel and Max Boyce, both keen cyclists, are launching a campaign to force large lorries like cement mixers and other such vehicles to be brought up to safety standards by using extra mirrors to allow drivers to see cyclists and other road users in their blind spots. Campaigners say that large vehicles without these mirrors or other safety improvements should be banned from the road.

Coun Rosenstiel commented:

"In a city with as many cyclists as Cambridge it is far too obvious how dangerous some of these vehicles can be. The blind spot on these trucks is too long and hides cyclists from the driver's view, making accidents all too easy."

Coun Boyce added:

"There was a horrifying near miss, with never side at fault, last week on the Milton Road, Arbury Road Junction, one which I use as a cyclist everyday. However this was not an isolated incident and it is time that we took action to make the roads safer."

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