End Ghost-town Britain demands councillors

April 22, 2006 1:00 PM

Lib Dem motion to support Sustainable Communities.

Liberal Democrat City Councillors have introduced a motion to support local shops and post offices. The motion aims to ensure that Cambridge creates and enhances strong, sustainable and inclusive communities with local facilities and shops both in existing neighbourhoods and new urban extensions by supporting the Sustainable Communities Bill which has been proposed in the House of Commons.

Coun Amanda Taylor, who proposed the Motion, commented:

"In my own ward, Queen Edith's, we've already lost a greengrocer and a butcher as well as a post office. For many people the only corner shop they know is the one on Coronation Street.

"Whenever these shops and facilities close, it means that local people end up out of work and money that would be spent locally goes elsewhere. The Sustainable Communities Bill would reverse this decline and would provide Government funding for local authorities to work with residents to help build sustainable communities."

Coun Ian Nimmo-Smith, Leader of Cambridge City Council, added:

"We've already lost post-offices and local stores in Cambridge and so we must act to stop this downward spiral continuing. We must consider the needs of both the current and future residents of Cambridge to ensure that each neighbourhood has the facilities it needs.

"Cambridge is a city with many local centres and with the planned expansion there will be yet more of these community nuclei around the City. Each of these needs to have post offices, local schools, doctors and dentists so that a wide range of services are located near to where people live and work.

"The City Council will be working towards achieving this."

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