Lib Dems demand transport plan for station

April 21, 2006 4:00 PM

Lib Dems seek to draw up full transport interchange specification for the Station.

Liberal Democrat Councillors have brought a Motion to City Council last night which calls on the County Council to draw up detailed specifications for transport at the Station Area. The move followed protests by councillors and residents over the large Ashwell's proposal for the Station Area Development. Ashwell's plan was turned down by the Planning Committee last week.

Coun Jenny Bailey, Executive City Councillor for Planning and Transport, commented:

"Cambridge residents have delivered a strong endorsement of the City Council's aspirations for the area. These are expressed in our Station Area Development Brief, which has firmly prioritised the need for a transport interchange and which has called for a substantial provision for buses at the station as well as convenient and safe cycle parking and pedestrian access. The County have produced a very effective criticism of Ashwell's plans but they need to strengthen the City's guidance to the developer by drawing up a plan of a first class transport interchange. Ashwell's approach has been to maximise the

number of dwellings and offices they can build, with transport as an afterthought. This approach will not work for Cambridge's needs. It is the County's role as the transport authority now to translate the City's needs into detailed and authoritative plans."

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