Lib Dems launch petition against homophobic bullying

June 6, 2006 10:00 AM

The Liberal Democrats have launched an online petition as part of their campaign to tackle homophobic bullying in schools.

Commenting, David Howarth, MP for Cambridge, said:

"We have launched a petition calling for all schools in Cambridge to develop measure to tackle homophobic bullying. Taunts and name calling should be challenged immediately so that it's clear that such behaviour won't be tolerated.

"I have a real concern about all aspects of bullying. I am turning the spotlight on this particular problem because homophobic bullying is harder to monitor and tackle at the moment. It is not about being "politically correct" but ensuring that all pupils know that bullying will not be tolerated - and there are no exceptions.

"Homophobic bullying affects not only pupils who grow up to be gay, but those with gay family members and pupils labeled 'gay' by their peers.

"Homophobic bullying is a painful issue that too many pupils, teachers and parents here in Cambridge have to deal with every day. I want their voices to be heard in the wider debate on how to stamp out all types of bullying in our schools.

"Putting a duty on schools will ensure there is someone for the young person to turn to and will send out a message that homophobic abuse should be treated with the same zero tolerance as racist abuse. Our schools here in Cambridge should be safe places of learning for all children irrespective of their sexuality."

Sign the Liberal Democrats' petition online at:

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