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Julian Huppert MP

Wildlife tips from the experts

June 12, 2006 10:12 AM

As part of Cambridge Environment Week, Lib Dem Councillor for Trumpington, Philippa Slatter, has been helping with an event to promote wildlife gardening and biodiversity.

Coun Slatter was involved with the wildlife tours and talks at Cambridge University Botanic Garden on Sunday. The events were

organised together with Cambridge Sustainable City Biodiversity and Wildlife Gardening Group.

Coun Slatter commented:

"I've learnt so much today about what we can do to make our gardens sustainable and to attract and support a variety of wildlife. I was impressed to hear how much of the Gardens are cared for with very little additional watering and virtually no use of pesticides.

Coun Slatter admires the Fenland garden

Councillor Slatter admires the Fenland garden

"The Botanic Gardens are a wonderful resource on our doorsteps, and show us how to help wildlife to flourish. Even in small gardens we can create different habitats to encourage different species of butterflies, birds and other creatures, mainly by letting things happen naturally, and not being too tidy. Wildflowers will often plant themselves, and look just as good as things we can buy from a garden centre."