£40 million a year wasted on standby mode - Howarth

June 23, 2006 4:01 PM

The Liberal Democrats today have released research which reveals that

householders and businesses will waste over £40 million this year due to electrical equipment being left 'on standby', producing at least one million tonnes of carbon dioxide in the process. This research coincides with Environment Minister Ian Pearson meeting major UK consumer electronic retailers today to discuss energy efficient products

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Energy Spokesperson, David Howarth MP said:

"The electricity wasted whilst appliances are left on standby is costing consumers thousands, and is hugely damaging to the environment.

"We urgently need tough new regulatory standards on products such as stand-by devices which reduce their power usage. These standards should be compulsory; as experience has shown that voluntary measures have limited success.

"Dynamic devices that facilitate use of more renewable energy on the national grid will also be important in the future."

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