Local people to have say on highways improvements

June 27, 2006 6:40 PM

Lib Dem Executive City Councillor, Sian Reid, has announced that local Area Committees will now be spending £375,000 of City Council highways related budgets on their local areas.

Area committees are held in all four areas of the City and give local people the chance to have their say on planning matters, environmental improvements and other decisions that affect their locality. The decision to allocate the highways related budget to Area Committees was discussed at Environment Scrutiny today.

Coun Sian Reid commented:

"City Council budgets for pedestrian crossing, pavements, cycleway improvements and traffic calming are being devolved to area committees. Now local people can really influence how money is spent in their area. Local councillors will be able to use these budgets, along with the existing environmental improvement budgets to execute schemes to make our streets pleasanter and safer.

"The City Council is not the Highways Authority and doesn't have large budgets for these items, but it does set aside money for small highway schemes to help pedestrians and cyclists."

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