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Julian Huppert MP

Cambridge Lib Dems force vote on US Extradition Treaty

July 12, 2006 6:32 PM

Cambridge Lib Dems have been instrumental in today's Emergency Debate victory over the Extradition Treaty with the United States of America.

Cambridge submitted a key policy motion to Federal Conference in 2003 which created party policy opposing the unequal extradition treaty. The policy was used to the full today when Nick Clegg MP won an emergency debate on extradition to the US and a vote opposing the treaty was lost by the Government 246 to 4.

Cambridge MP, David Howarth, spoke during the parliamentary debate and called for a new treaty to be negotiated.

David commented:

"The current extradition treaty with the United States is grossly unequal. Rather than try to persuade the US administration to ratify the treaty, the Government should take the opportunity to negotiate a new treaty, one that treats the UK and the US as equals.

David Howarth addressing Conference in Harrogate

David Howarth addressing party conference

"It is clear that there is huge opposition to the treaty amongst both MPs and Lords. The Government could not even persuade their own supporters to back them, with only 4 Labour MPs voting in support of the treaty today."