Environmental leadership from the City Council, with fresh commitments to reducing carbon dioxide emissions

July 18, 2006 4:42 PM

The Liberal Democrats on Cambridge City Council are promoting a radical rethink of the City Council's priorities with a fresh set of five-year objectives.

Councillor Ian Nimmo-Smith, Leader of the City Council, said:

"Over the last six years since we took control of the Council we have honoured our manifesto commitment to achieve a clean and well functioning city.

"Moreover we have led the way on sustainable development in Cambridge. We now have a nationally recognised recycling programme, and a Local Plan which demands development with on-site renewable energy, located close to good public transport. We have seen bus usage grow dramatically in Cambridge, and we have promoted cleaner buses in the city centre.

" Public opinion has never been more concerned about climate change and the challenge of clean energy generation. Our new commitment is to do what we can to promote Cambridge as a city which can grow sustainably and whose economic strength is matched by its environmental standards.

"Many Cambridge residents are keen to make choices about the way they live that will reduce Cambridge's carbon footprint. We will work to help people make these changes.

Ian Nimmo-Smith

City Council sets radical new agenda

"We will continue to promote this agenda with our partners in the region at every level, as well as call upon government to allow us the freedom to set high standards of construction, energy management and waste management in the city."

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