Call for end to unfair Council Tax

July 21, 2006 11:40 AM

Lib Dem Leader of Cambridge City Council, Ian Nimmo-Smith, has described Michael Lyons' plans to retain the unfair Council Tax as "very worrying".

Coun Nimmo-Smith's remarks came during a Meeting of the Full Council in which he reported on the Local Government Association's Conference earlier this month. Michael Lyons, the Government's local government reorganisation supreme, had discussed local government funding during the conference.

Coun Nimmo-Smith commented:

"Far from looking at abolishing the unfair Council Tax, Michael Lyons is hoping to rely on Council Tax Benefit to reduce its regressive nature. I find this very worrying, Council Tax Benefit has a very poor record of take up from those who are eligible. Many people end up paying far more than they can afford.

Ian Nimmo-Smith

Councillor Ian Nimmo-Smith

"What we need instead is a thorough overhaul of local government funding to abolish the Council Tax and replace it with a fairer Local Income Tax."

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