Review needed on 20mph zones for Cambridgeshire

July 21, 2006 12:04 PM

Lib Dem Leader on Cambridgeshire County Council, Julian Huppert, has today demanded that the Council reconsiders its policy on 20 mph zones in Cambridgeshire.

The demand came after news that Portsmouth City Council has introduced 20 mph zones throughout most of the city. At the moment in Cambridgeshire, traffic policy considers 20 mph zones to be unenforceable without physical speed reducing measures such as speed bumps. This has prevented 20mph limits being installed in appropriate areas around the County.

Coun Huppert commented:

"Many places around Cambridgeshire, including Cambridge City Centre, would stand to benefit from the introduction of a 20 mph zone making the area much safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

Councillor Julian Huppert

Councillor Julian Huppert

"If Portsmouth can do this without having to install expensive road humps and chicanes why can't Cambridgeshire?"

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