Progress on dumped trolleys

July 28, 2006 1:00 PM

Lib Dem City Councillor for Petersfield, Victoria Bruce, has today announced progress in clearing up abandoned shopping trolleys from the streets of Petersfield.

The problem has become worse over the last few months since the equipment that prevents trolleys leaving ASDA's premises was damaged. Following complaints by Petersfield residents Councillor Bruce met with management from the Coldham's Lane ASDA store earlier this week to discuss a solution.

Councillor Bruce commented:

"Abandoned shopping trolleys are an eyesore and can cause an obstruction for pushchairs and wheelchair users.

"Following my meeting with ASDA, they have acknowledged that there is a significant problem in the area. They will now be trawling the streets of Petersfield on a weekly basis to collect and return dumped trolleys to the store.

Councillor Bruce and local resident Steven Cooper with a shopping trolley outside ASDA

Councillor Bruce discusses the problem with local resident Steven Cooper

"However, this is just a temporary measure and I will be keeping up the pressure to ensure that the loop which prevents trolleys leaving the car park in the first place is reinstated promptly."

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