National Grid provides shelter from storm

July 28, 2006 2:49 PM

Yesterday the Lib Dem Trade and Industry team visited the National Grid Strategic Site in Wokingham to discuss the future of energy policy in the UK.

Ed Davey MP, Shadow Trade and Industry Secretary, and David Howarth MP, Energy Spokesperson, toured the control room and discuss electricity transmission with National Grid management.

Mr. Howarth took the opportunity to discuss the possibility for a decentralised Grid system and the need for decentralised electricity production and transmission.

Mr. Howarth commented on the visit:

"It was a useful opportunity to speak to those controlling the energy distribution network in the UK. Given yesterday's electrical storms and the black-outs in parts of London we were certainly in the right place to discuss it! We were able to monitor where individual lightening strikes reached the ground and saw how the Grid was holding up under the weight of the strikes.

David Howarth MP

Energy Spokesperson, David Howarth

"Nationally, we're facing a crossroads at the moment in terms of our energy policy. The National Grid is in need of renewal and so we should take this opportunity to build a new grid for the future; one that supports and encourages decentralised energy production rather than hinders it."

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