Action needed to fix uneven bridge

August 10, 2006 5:00 PM

Local Councillor, Gaynor Griffiths, is demanding urgent work to make the bridge near Jesus Lock safe before children go back to school in a few weeks.

The Liberal Democrat Market ward County Councillor has pushed for work to be done to replace the badly warped treads on the bridge and is now calling for interim measures to make the bridge safe in time for the new term.

Coun Griffiths commented:

Councillor Gaynor Griffiths

Councillor Gaynor Griffiths

"Some of the boards are so warped that they stick up 1 inch high. I've seen young children trip and injure themselves on the bridge and if an elderly person was to trip it could be very serious.

"On similar walkways sheets of thin board have been used to temporarily even out the warped boards. Even a sign warning of the danger would be a step forward.

"The County Council has known about this problem for over a month and they are still talking about delays. We need action on the bridge now."

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