Relief as overcrowded development loses out on planning permission

August 19, 2006 12:00 AM

Trumpington Councillors are today relieved at the news that the planned development on Clarendon Road has been turned down by the Planning Committee.

Lib Dem County Councillor, Anne Kent, and City Councillor Sheila Stuart had been very concerned about the application because of the high density of housing planned and the lack of open space.

In a wide-ranging and heated debate, councillors in the Planning Committee drew attention to the fact that only about 20% of the public open space required by Council policies would be provided on the site, with the difference being paid for with cash as a 'commuted sum'. Councillors maintained that this was unsatisfactory in an area so short of parks and playgrounds.

Councillor Philippa Slatter, City Councillor for Trumpington and member of the Planning Committee, commented:

"If this development had gone ahead as planned too many people would be trying to use the narrow local streets, without evidence of safe, reliable alternatives to private cars being planned or provided, especially if the Guided Bus was not actually completed.

"The provision of a community room was welcome but did not make up for the lack of open space and impact on the neighbourhood."

Councillor Kent commented:

Councillor Anne Kent"I'm very pleased that the Planning Committee has turned down this development and I know that the local residents association which has fought a long battle to have a more appropriate development will also be very relieved.

"I was concerned that the proposal involved too high density development on the CUP site especially after the overall area of the

development was reduced and the number of units remained the same. The plans would have meant very little open space and no where for children to play. It would also mean considerable additional traffic pressure on the already overcrowded Brooklands Avenue and Hills Road."

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