Local councillor welcomes Glebe Farm decision

August 25, 2006 3:25 PM

Lib Dem County Councillor for Trumpington, Anne Kent, has today welcomed the news that County Council planners have labelled Glebe Farm as not ideal for a waste recycling centre.

Councillor Kent has been campaigning against the use of Glebe Farm as a household waste recycling centre for over a year.

Councillor Kent commented:

"I welcome the fact that the county council has seen sense at last and listened to me and the local residents. The site they are now promoting is the one which we have been saying for months would be a better place than one in the middle of a housing development. I am just sorry that it has taken so long and set back the planning of the development during that period. Hopefully, we can now get on with planning the new housing area properly."

Councillor Anne Kent"The Cabinet had previously agreed to withhold an area of housing land on Glebe Farm for this waste site despite massive local opposition and objections for the city council as well as a warning from their finance officers that they would lose over £6m if they did sell it for housing."

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