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Lib Dems back Christ's Pieces

September 22, 2006 5:34 PM

Cambridge City Council has today announced that it will be supporting Christ's Pieces bid to become a 'Town Green'.

Local residents have prepared an application for the Piece to be officially designated a Town Green under the 1965 Registration of Commons Act.

Leader of the City Council, Coun Ian Nimmo-Smith, commented on the application:

"The City Council supports the application as it will add formal weight to the restrictions that define what will happen to this land. Christ's Pieces is one of the city's precious premier open spaces for public enjoyment and recreation and we have every intention of keeping it that way.

"We will be urging the County Council not to put any objection to this proposal and for its Development Control Committee to support this designation."

Coun Joye Rosenstiel, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Market Ward, added:

Councillor Joye Rosenstiel

Market ward City Councillor Joye Rosenstiel

"Christ's Pieces is one of the beautiful open spaces in central Cambridge which are enjoyed by residents and tourists. The application for Christ's Pieces to become a Town Green is to be welcomed as it will ensure the preservation of this beautiful open space for future generations. I am delighted that the City Council will be supporting this application."