Cambridge City Council signs Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change

September 27, 2006 11:11 AM

Leader of Cambridge City Council, Councillor Ian Nimmo-Smith, has officially signed the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change. The signing took place at the Mill Road Baptist Church Good Life Festival, which celebrates sustainable living.

Councillor Nimmo-Smith commented:

"We've already taken important steps to address the causes of climate change such as installing solar energy systems in Council houses at

Cameron Road and Kendal Way and incorporating microgeneration into the East Chesterton Community Centre. And there are more important

initiatives in the pipe-line such as including efficiency standards in the 'Cambridge Standard' for Council housing.

Ian Nimmo-Smith signing the declaration

Ian Nimmo-Smith signing the declaration

"However much more can and should be done to tackle the problem of climate change in the city. Signing the Declaration formalises this commitment and we will be working with Council officers to find new ways to implement the commitments in the Declaration."

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