Climate Change Policy welcomed by Lib Dems

September 19, 2006 12:00 PM

David Howarth, MP for Cambridge and Lib Dem Energy Spokesperson, has welcomed the almost unanimous support of the Liberal Democrat Conference to his Policy Motion on Climate change.

David spoke in support of the Motion at Party Conference last week. The Conference is the main policy-making body of the party and so it's support was crucial in making David's motion party policy.

The Motion called on the UK to:

Require all new buildings to incorporate decentralised energy technologies

Alter the planning system to create an obligation to find land for low carbon and low waste technologies and a presumption in favour of microgeneration and renewables

Alter the remit of energy regulator, OFGEM, to facilitiate the development of microgeneration

To reject new-build nuclear power stations

David commented:

"Climate change is the biggest challenge facing us at the moment and so I am very pleased that the Liberal Democrats are putting forward such bold energy and taxation policies that place combatting climate change at the forefront of the policy agenda.

David Howarth addressing Party Conference

David Howarth addressing Party Conference in Brighton

"It is very easy to become discouraged and fatalistic when faced with climate change but we mustn't lose hope and instead we must take real action now to drastically reduce our carbon emissions."

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