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Action not fear needed in climate change debate

September 27, 2006 1:47 PM

David Howarth, MP for Cambridge and Lib Dem Energy Spokesperson, has called for action on real solutions to climate change.

Mr Howarth yesterday addressed Cambridge residents as part of the Good Life Fair, at Mill Road Baptist Church, on the subject of combating climate change.

Mr. Howarth commented:

"Climate change is the biggest political issue facing us but it is crucial that we do not become daunted and give up in the face of it. We must constantly look at finding solutions to the problem.

"The United Kingdom is very rich in renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and tidal power. We must start to make much better use of them. Decentralised and renewable energy is key to reducing our carbon emissions. If we take the nuclear option, and build new nuclear power stations, we will find ourselves continuing with the centralised energy production system that will preclude the development of decentralised energy.

"The Government has a big role to play in reconfiguring the system to put reduce carbon emissions and fighting climate change at the forefront of the agenda. Building and planning regulations must be changed to set higher standards in energy efficiency. We could also reduce our energy consumption by giving energy companies a duty to reduce energy usage. Our taxation system should reflect the damage that carbon emissions do to our environment. Big decisions will need to be made about how we live our lives, where do we live, what sort of transport do we use, how do we spend our leisure time?"

David Howarth speaks at Mill Road Baptist Church

David speaking at Mill Road Baptist Church

The evening also included talks from City Car Clubs, who, with the support of the City Council, are trying to set up a car sharing scheme in Romsey ward, and Gareth Ellis, Head of Renewables at the National Energy Foundation who are working with Cambridge City Council on the Energy for Good campaign.