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Leading by example in delivering affordable and sustainable growth

November 8, 2006 3:06 PM

Cambridge City Council announces ambitious plans for the development of the small part of the Clay Farm site that it owns on the Southern Fringe Growth Area

The Council's goal in two key areas of the development, affordable housing and sustainability, is to go significantly beyond the planning framework set out in the 2006 Cambridge Local Plan

Councillor Rod Cantrill, Executive City Councillor for Customer Services and Resources, commented:

Councillor Rod Cantrill

Councillor Rod Cantrill

"The approach to our land on the Clay Farm site illustrates our commitment to increasing the level of affordable housing in Cambridge and at the same time seeking to address the serious issue of the carbon footprint. We hope that our work will act as a strong reference point for other third party developers not only on the Clay Farm site but also in the other urban extensions planned in the City over the coming years "

Commitment to affordable housing

The Council recognises the on-going pressure in Cambridge for high quality affordable housing. It intends, in conjunction with a social housing partners, to build affordable housing on 50% of the net site. Providing 50% affordable housing on the Council's site will not affect the requirement for developers else where on the Clay Farm site to provide a 40% level

The Council intends to identify and work with commercial partners to develop the remaining net area of its site for private housing of a high quality design in a manner which is well integrated with the affordable housing

Seek to achieve sustainable growth

The Council has pledged to reduce Cambridge's carbon footprint. The construction of sustainable new housing is an important measure in achieving this goal

On the Council's Clay farm site, it intends to work with both social and commercial partners to ensure the highest level of sustainable design and development

In addition, the Council will explore the introduction of a communal combined heat and power system on the site

The framework agreement that the Council has established with the other developers on the Clay Farm site will be discussed at a Customer Services and Resources Scrutiny Committee on Tuesday 14 th November, before the Executive Councillor is asked to approve it.